Sarah Heelis (Nesbitt)

Budget plan

I paint to escape – to meditate – my mood governs what effect the image portrays. 
I like to walk into the painting, focusing on the depth and the shadows. Sometimes the atmosphere comes from reality, say a bowl of tomatoes, or other objects, for example, flowers. I like to experiment with shapes and shadows evoking a feeling from the image. With landscapes, I choose random vistas on the way from A to B or create fantasy from a pleasing composition.

I do not have a studio but paint in situ, my surroundings: objects, the landscape or flowers. When in Newark I use the green room which occasionally transforms into a dining room, or the kitchen late at night when all are in bed. In Wales wherever the light or weather permits. I use Acrylic or water based oils on canvas or board and vary the way I apply the paint, depending on the size and idea I have in mind. I live with the finished painting for a while, start something new, and then go back and review, sometimes just adding a bit and other times radically altering the painting. Happy accidents often create my best work.

I have MS and find painting a brilliant way to improve my lot in life. I have always wanted to paint, and ironically my disability has given me the excuse to be more selfish with my time, enabling my creativity. I am recovering from a broken shoulder! So paint with my left hand supporting my right!